viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Quality assurance in aerosol analysis

The journal Accreditation and Quality Assurancew has recently published our paper "Method validation and quality assurance of an ICP-MS protocol for the evaluation of trace and major elements in ambient aerosol samples and application to an air quality surveillance network". This study presents the results of a quality assurance evaluation program applied to the method routinely used for the evaluation of a large elemental profile in aerosol samples from the air quality surveillance network of Extremadura, Spain, where low pollution levels are usually encountered. A critical evaluation of the most relevant analytical steps is presented, including long-term blank values evaluation, limits of detection, certified reference material recoveries, method uncertainty and results of comparison studies for gravimetric and trace element analysis. Results obtained at the air quality network of Extremadura for the gravimetric and multielemental analysis are presented for the 2008 campaign. Read more.

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