lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Filtrating-bulk passive sampling for elemental fractionation in atmospheric deposition

We have recently published the paper entitled "Fractionation of trace elements in total atmospheric deposition by filtrating-bulk passive sampling" in the journal Talanta. We have developed and validated a new simple and effective methodology for fractionation of soluble and insoluble forms of trace elements in total atmospheric deposition. The proposed methodology is based on the modification of a standard total deposition passive sampler by integrating a quartz fiber filter that retains the insoluble material, allowing the soluble fraction to pass through and flow to a receiving bottle. The quartz filter containing the insoluble fraction and the liquid containing the soluble fraction are then separately assayed by standardized ICP–MS protocols. The proposed atmospheric elemental fractionation sampler (AEFS) was validated by analyzing a Coal Fly Ash reference material with proper recoveries, and tested for field fractionation of a set of 10 key trace elements in total atmospheric deposition at the industrial area of Puchuncaví–Ventanas, Chile. The AEFS was proven useful for pollution assessment and also to identify variability of thes oluble and insoluble fractions of the selected elements within the study area, improving the analytical information attainable by standard passive samplers for total deposition without the need of using sophisticated and high cost wet-only/dry-only collectors.

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